Remembering among the ghosts.

My Grandfather Jack, who defied convention – and occasionally, gravity.

Today is a day we remember. We remember the men, the women, who marched and flew and drove and rode.

My Grandmother Joan, and my Grandfather Jack, on a date in England in WW2.

We remember their sacrifice, their bravery. How they were often hard used, left damaged in spirit and body. And yet volunteered more.

My Grandmother Pearl. she served in multiple roles, including Code and Cipher.

How some came back broken. How some never came back at all.

My Grandfather Bob, a Typhoon pilot in WW2 – and my grandmother Pearl (Code and cipher, but in this case she put aside the uniform for her wedding)

Today is a day for the ghosts. For the memory. For honoring those who fought, and those who served behind the the lines – or all too often, right at the lines.

Take a day to see them, to hear the tales they had to tell. I recommend The Memory Project for some stories – here’s one from my Grandmother Pearl.

I think we’d all be better people if we sacrificed just a small portion of what they did.

Jamie L, Scoottoronto Editor.

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