The Junk Run – we’ve decided on a Plan.

Well as usual with any ScooTToronto post, we have bad news and good news.

Though not as bad as the time we had to tell you our entire editorial staff would have to move into your back yard since this whole scooter blog thing wasn’t really working out financially as we hoped.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The good – potentially more of you will survive until we do the full (stupid) Junk Run Event in 2021! The bad? 5 riders will likely perish in 2020 doing the practice run. I mean you just know we’re going to be eaten by Badgers and discovered years later by archaeologists who will explain it all away as 2020 insanity.

The bad news – we aren’t going to hold a full Junk Run in 2020, instead we will move it ahead to August 2021 (exact date TBD) and we’ll be able to have a better time and a potentially bigger event when things have calmed down in the world.

Hopefully, it’s always possible 2020 could still throw an Alien Invasion at us or killer death chipmunks.

So that’s the bad news – so you might be wondering what the good news is?

We’re still getting some dirt in – but it’s only practice. Which is what we will say when our usual lack of competence starts to show.

The good news is that we will are going to have a *very limited* practice run. Maximum 5 people – and with the riders from last time who are going along this means we have 2 spots available for this practice run.

Which will happen on our planned date. Assuming the Park 2 Park trail continues to open up as they seem to be (currently they are open for locals only, max 5 riders in a group, but should be open for non locals shortly.)

We will be practicing social distancing – wearing masks when off the bikes, no camp out as we have planned for the full Junk Run, etc.

But we can at least get some scooter based insanity going in our lives.

Because let’s face it – why let the world be all insane and stupid when we can do it ourselves for ourselves and therefore at least have some control over who is holding the beer and watching things?

So if you want to be in one of the 2 slots available for the August 8th practice run and get some practice in for the full run in 2021 just use our contact form to email us.

Sadly we won’t be doing the deep water crossings in our 2020 practice run as having only 5 riders will not give us sufficient victims to use as a portable bridge to get the organizers over the water.

We’ll post when we have our two riders. And we might (with their permission) do a bit of an interview with the people silly enough to come along on our misadventure.

Those two riders will also get a custom “2020 I survived Corona Virus and the Junk Run and all I got was this lousy Tshirt and permanent bodily Damage as well as a strange smell that just won’t ago away.

(Disclaimer: The Tshirt won’t actually say that).

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