With our very first post I’d like to welcome our readers to Scoottoronto.

Or it might be reader singular, we’ll find out with time.

Scoottoronto is a project I’ve had in mind to do for a while – a non commercial online magazine/blog specifically dedicated to the Toronto scooterist.  (With occasional forays into Ontario and Canada-wide content.)

Tel Aviv is a great place to rent a scooter – though my timing could have been better.

I’ve had many scooters myself over the year – from Puch mopeds to Vespa manual shift scooters to plastic bodied twist and go maxi scooters.  Each had a unique charm, and each taught me something about riding and led to adventures I wouldn’t have otherwise had – from riding the Mad Bastard Scooter rally to renting a scooter for a week in Tel Aviv during an upsurge in missile attacks.  (It’s an interesting experience watching the Iron Dome antimissiile system intercept a missile headed for the city you are in while you are without much cover and sitting on a 125cc Sym scooter.)

The Burgman 400s sidecar – my daily driver.

I’ve written for an online motorcycle magazine on occasion, write blog entries for various places, and generally kept up my interest in writing about two (and three wheeled, as I own a Burgman sidecar rig) machines.

But it always kept bugging me…. that scooters are just not seen as being “real” motorcycles, and often are ignored in favour of a more motorcycle styled cousin.  They don’t get the same press they do in Europe or Asia, and are often seen as being somehow inferior to the motorcycle.

So that is why Scoottoronto came around – from my interest in Scooters and my love the quirky little beasts that are often way more fun than they have any right to be – without the ego getting involved and without the need to impress anyone else.

So assuming you are the singular reader who might be following along with us – keep your eyes open for content dedicated to a variety of machines all lumped into the vague, often debated, category of machines we loosely call “scooters.”

From oddball beasts like the Honda Gyro, to classics like the Vespa P125e, to ordinary grocery getters like the Burgman 400 – we’ll be bringing you scooter based content with our own unique style.

For right now, this isn’t so much a commercial organization as one just dedicated to writing about machines that often go unlooked – it isn’t likely to make any money and it isn’t likely to bring any fame.

We promise though it’ll be worth every penny you paid for it, maybe even more so – and if you read along you’ll be in for a smaller CC ride that will be different than anything else you might experience.


Jamie Leonard, Scoottoronto Editor