Why do it?


This picture sums part of it up for me.  See the kid on the motorbike and sidecar, grinning like a fool?

Add in quite a few years, quite a bit of grey (and weight, only some of it vertically oriented unfortunately.)

Another part of it is that I like to challenge myself every once in a while - I haven't done a trip this long with me doing (at least part of) the driving, and I've always wanted to go right across Canada on a motorbike - so the trip kills two birds with one stone.

Though I will try to limit the stone throwing and bird killing while actually travelling.

Who is Jack?

My grandfather - and a two wheeled fanatic.  He passed away in December, and the trip is dedicated to him.  (I'll be including some stories about Jack in this site as time permits)

Why on a sidecar motorcycle?

A sidecar carries more luggage, allows two drivers on one machine, allows you to travel on wet and gravel roads with less worry about going over, and none of that matters in the slightest.

There are all kind of practical things about a Ural - but in the end it comes down to "I like it".