What are you doing to get the bike ready?

We will be doing a whole list of things, most of which is likely unnecessary - but I'm of the theory you need to applease Murplhy.  By sacrificing time and effort in spare parts and extra prep you ensure you will not have any breakdowns that you have in fact prepared for.

Of course we will more than likely have something completely unexpected go wrong, like a UFO abduction or rabid water buffalo attack, or even an adbuction by a rabid water buffalo - but thats just life.

The only way to completely avoid any risk would be to lock ourselves into our house and never go out.  And frankly I'm halfway convinced my cats plot against me late at  night so I'm not even sure that is safe anyways.

What are you doing to get ready?

Exercise and vitamins (not as much of either as I should, but some.  Driving the Ural is a bit more work than many two wheeled bikes so best to be in somewhat less fluffy marshmellow like shape when it comes time to leave.

Plus a list of clothes and supplies to bring along so we'll know exactly what critical thing we forgot when we reach northern Ontario and no longer have a realistic option of turning back to get it.  

A more detailed account of our trip preparation will follow here when I get it written up and as things tick down to our leaving date.

We'll definitely be checking in with our dealer (Ken at OVC - Old Vintage Cranks in Hillsburgh, ON - you can find his site HERE)

He'll be doing some mods to the machine (extra gas can, new heated grips, etc) and doing a very thorough checkover of the rig to make sure things are all shipshape.  And if they are, he'll do his best to make them more motorcycle shaped as that'll likely work far better on the road.