What route are you taking?

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So far the route looks something like the above google map.  It is subject to change before, during, and after the trip if I get the darned time machine working properly.

Our Goals

World domination.  But that's a whole other discussion.  Actually I'd like to take the slower roads (80kph highways) and visit some unusual places along the way.   Maybe do a dinosaur safari at the Royal Tyrrell in Alberta - or visit various "big things" across Canada to get some photos of the sidecar rig next to very large unrealistic statures which appear to have been made out of paper mache by a fifth grader in their spare time.

(I even found a webpage listing some of them HERE)

Along the way I plan to stop in at a bunch of mom and pop type restaurants - shop in very unusual stores - maybe visit a ghost town or two.

II'll get at least one shot of the Ural next to a really big tree.  Why?  Just because I can.

Are you going to see (Insert something you think is a required sight here)?

We're open to suggestions.  Feel free to email chasingjack@scoottoronto.com 

We're have a few people tell us about different places that are a "must see" and we'll be taking a list of all of those suggestions with us.  (And will hit a few of them at least as time, and whim, allows.)