Where are we right now?

Thanks to Google Latitude - we can show you where we are!  (Subject to remembering to charge our cellphones, getting signal on them, having Google's servers not glitch out, or even just us turning off the whole thing because we made a wrong turn and currently are somewhere around Orlando.)

What is "Chasing Jack"?

Chasing Jack is a trip from Toronto, Ontario to Victoria, B.C.  The Trip is dedicated to my Grandfather  - Jack Albert Leonard, who passed away in December 2009.  

Jack was a lifelong lover of things mechanical, motorbikes, and anything two wheeled.  (Be it a Penny Farthing or a Norton.)  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his life than by taking a trip via motorcycle to his memorial.  Collecting stories along the way, and one day doing the same thing he loved to do - telling them.

He'd be the first one listening, and probably top it with something a lot better, funnier, and improbably true.  

What are you riding?

A 2007 Ural tourist.  A bike based partly on technology that was up to date in 1939.  With some updates of course.   A blend of Russian Tractor and international bits and pieces - it'll get us there.  But not very quickly.

We're estimating the trip will take two and a half weeks, with a few day stopover in Victoria before we have to head back to Toronto.

One thing is for sure - we're going to be intimately familiar with a good chunk of this country's landscape by the time we're done.

Why do it?

A lot of people think we're probably bug nuts doing this.  The rest know we are.  But with the support of my long-suffering wife Cindy, I decided to do this both to fulfiil a dream to motorcycle across Canada, and to give a nod to someone to inspired me.

It might be painful.  (Probably will be.)  It might be dumb.  (Probably is.)  It might be uncomfortable.
(Be surprised if it wasn't.)  And in the end it'll leave us with a far lighter wallet, a book written up to describe the trip and  some stories about Jack - along with some photos of both.

And thats enough for me.